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2019 influenza vaccination information for Australian healthcare professionals

As we head into the 2019 influenza vaccination season, a range of resources are available for Australian healthcare professionals to support the administration of seasonal influenza vaccines. 

Australian Government Department of Health Resources

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Clinical update: 2019 seasonal influenza vaccines – start of season advice for vaccination providers

This news item summarises the key information and resources available from the Australian Government Department of Health. View the clinical update here.

ATAGI advice on seasonal influenza vaccines in 2019

This resource provides advice for immunisation providers regarding the administration of 2019 seasonal influenza vaccines.
Overview of key points and updates for 2019: 

  • Annual influenza vaccination is recommended for all people ≥6 months of age.
  • All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, including those aged 5 to 14 years, are now eligible to receive free annual influenza vaccination under the National Immunisation Program (NIP).
  • The indicated ages for Fluarix Tetra and Afluria Quad have been extended. Fluarix Tetra can be used as a 0.5 mL dose in children aged <3 years.
  • For adults aged ≥65 years two higher-immunogenicity trivalent influenza vaccine (TIV) formulations are available; however, only Fluad® (TIV containing an adjuvant) is NIP funded. 
  • All presentations of influenza vaccine brands registered and available in Australia for 2019 are latex-free.

Access the full ATAGI statement here.

NCIRS Influenza vaccines for Australians fact sheets 

The following NCIRS fact sheets have been updated for 2019:
•    Influenza vaccines for Australians
•    Influenza vaccines - FAQs

NCIRS seminars and webinars

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Register for our upcoming seminar/webinar

Protecting our most vulnerable children from influenza: we can do better
1 May 2019 1pm 
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Watch the video recording of our webinar held in March 

The 2019 Influenza program AND MumBubVax - a new tool to support midwife conversations with parents-to-be on vaccination
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States and territory resources

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Western Australia

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The AusVaxSafety active vaccine safety surveillance system monitors the safety of vaccines in Australia. Using de-identified data reported directly from people receiving the vaccines (or their parent or carer), AusVaxSafety monitors adverse events following immunisation and facilitates early detection of potential vaccine safety issues.

Routine monitoring of the safety of the 2019 influenza vaccines in all ages commenced on 1 April 2019. 

Vaccine safety results for the 2019 influenza vaccines will  be available on the NCIRS website from Friday 12 April 2019 and updated weekly.