Who is the Australian Immunisation Professionals Network (NCIRS-AIP) discussion forum for?

NCIRS-AIP is a subscription-based online discussion forum for professionals working in the area of immunisation and/or vaccine preventable disease control, for example, immunisation service providers, program managers, public health staff, immunisation educators, researchers, policy makers and students formally enrolled in an educational course in a relevant area.

NCIRS-AIP provides:

  • a forum for questions and feedback
  • regular updates on immunisation and vaccine news
  • notifications of news items, publications and meetings of interest.

We also welcome professionals in other countries who wish to learn more about immunisation in Australia and/or wish to communicate their experience with us.

How does NCIRS-AIP work?

NCIRS-AIP is intended to be an interactive discussion forum and a source of reliable information. We encourage all members to initiate and actively participate in discussions or respond to posts. In the interest of open and rapid communication, discussion content is not screened before it is posted to the online discussion forum. 

NCIRS-AIP operates according to our Guidelines for membership and operation of NCIRS-AIP discussion forum.

NCIRS keeps a watching brief on messages posted to the forum and provides additional information where it is thought to be useful. NCIRS staff also monitors content to ensure it adheres to the NCIRS-AIP guidelines for membership and operation.

The NCIRS communications team is responsible for membership administration of NCIRS-AIP.

Subscribe to NCIRS-AIP

To subscribe to NCIRS-AIP, please go to the subscription page and follow the instructions there.

Subscribing to NCIRS-AIP implies acceptance of Terms and Conditions contained in the Guidelines for membership and operation.

Members of the NCIRS-AIP discussion forum are also offered the opportunity to receive ‘The Weekly Jab’ newsletter. Simply select both options when completing the subscription form.

If you are already subscribed to the NCIRS-AIP, login here.

Last updated May 2019