Medical specialist advanced training program opportunities at NCIRS include:

Public health physician training 

This Public Health Medicine Advanced Trainee position offers an in-depth training experience that addresses multiple public health medicine curriculum areas, with emphasis on epidemiology, information management, policy, evaluation, communication and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health in the context of national surveillance, prevention and control of vaccine preventable diseases. The position is one of four public health medicine training positions within the Westmead campus training consortium, with the other three positions located in the Western Sydney Local Health District at the Centre for Population Health and the Centre for Infectious Diseases and Microbiology. Trainees rotate between these positions over the course of their training.

Paediatric physician training fellow  

This clinical fellow position offers an opportunity for paediatric advanced trainees to develop research, education and clinical skills in immunisation. Trainees are able to develop research skills through assisting in vaccine-related clinical trials and other general immunisation research projects, including preparation of research protocols, patient recruitment, data analysis and report writing. There are also opportunities in teaching and in providing immunisation advice to immunisation providers and managing children seen in the Specialist Immunisation Clinic, in a supervised environment. The position is supervised by Associate Professor Nicholas Wood. 

To discuss professional training program opportunities at NCIRS, please contact: 

Dr Frank Beard for public health physician training 

Associate Professor Nicholas Wood for paediatric physician training 

Last updated December 2018