NCIRS led the formalisation of ARIA in April 2019 following consultations with key immunisation experts and partners from multiple Australian universities and research institutes. 

Who are we

Representing over 20 individuals and 12 organisations, ARIA comprises Australia’s leading experts with a breadth and depth of experience in immunisation and vaccine preventable diseases (VPDs), who are widely recognised for their regional and international expertise. ARIA’s immunisation experts have a proven track record of engagement with countries and key stakeholder organisations in our region.

Our goal 

The goal of ARIA members is to come together to work collaboratively with governments, global immunisation partners, non-government organisations and other partners to strengthen and expand immunisation to reduce the impact of VPDs in our region. 

Our guiding principles 
  1. Harmonisation: Harmonise efforts with and supportive of the regional work and normative standards of global immunisation partners
  2. Sustainability: Apply capacity building and systems strengthening principles to all of our work for sustainability at institutional, organisational and individual levels
  3. Collaboration: Prioritise inter-country learning and networks for mutual support, including recognition of the special needs of small island states
  4. Results-focused: Commit to measuring results, including metrics for policy and practice improvement, and increased strength of partnerships
ARIA steering committee members


The Australian Regional Immunisation Alliance (ARIA) was officially launched at the inaugural face-to-face meeting in October 2019. From left to right: Chloé  Damon (NCIRS), Julie Leask (The University of Sydney), Nigel Crawford (Murdoch Children's Research Institute), Chris Morgan (Burnet Institute), Fiona Russell (Murdoch Children's Research Institute), Kristine Macartney (NCIRS), Sarah Sheridan (NCIRS), Margie Danchin (Murdoch Children's Research Institute), Meru Sheel (Australian National University) and Heidi Williams (NCIRS). 

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Last updated April 2020