Researchers are calling for participants to take part in a new research study investigating the effectiveness of intradermal administration of the existing TGA-approved Japanese encephalitis (JE) vaccine Imojev® compared with subcutaneous administration.

Healthy, non-pregnant individuals aged five years and older who do not currently meet NSW Health JE vaccine eligibility criteria are invited to participate in the study.

The Imojev® vaccine being administered in the study has been used extensively across the world for more than a decade and is proven to be both safe and effective. Enrolled individuals will be randomised in equal numbers to receive the JEV vaccine Imojev® either by intradermal injection – administered into the space between the two outer layers (epidermis and dermis) of the skin – or by subcutaneous injection – administered in the fatty tissue layer (subcutaneous layer) located between the skin and the muscle.

Participants will be actively followed up over 12 months to collect data on the immune response and safety profile of each vaccine delivery method. Findings will be published and will inform future vaccination policies and strategies in Australia.

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DocumentAdult participant information sheet (.pdf) [344 KB]

DocumentChild (aged 5-11 years) participant information sheet (.pdf) [514 KB]

DocumentYoung person (aged 12-17 years) participant information sheet (.pdf) [236 KB]

If you have questions about the study or would like further information, please email Coordinating Principal Study Investigator, Professor Nick Wood at

This study is sponsored by The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network and led by the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance and Western New South Wales Local Health District, with funding support from NSW Health.