Wed, 18/08/2021 | News

New resource – COVID-19 vaccines from community pharmacy

A new NCIRS information sheet ‘COVID-19 vaccines from community pharmacy’ has been developed for consumers and healthcare professionals. This resource provides information on the COVID-19 vaccines available from local pharmacies across each state and territory.

Community pharmacies have become a point of access for COVID-19 vaccines as part of the national vaccine rollout. Changes in legislation are allowing appropriately trained pharmacists to administer the vaccines. While COVID-19 vaccines continue to be given in general practice and immunisation hubs, being able to be vaccinated in a community pharmacy provides consumers another option to seek immunisation. 

The vaccines that can be administered and who can get them vary by location. This resource outlines the specific vaccines and age groups that are approved for COVID-19 vaccination in pharmacies or by pharmacists under the respective state/territory legislation and regulations. 

The COVID-19 vaccination program rollout is being carried out in phases, with varying degrees of pharmacy participation across different jurisdictions. Availability of COVID-19 vaccines in individual pharmacies depends on their participation and vaccine supply as the COVID-19 vaccination program rollout progresses. Check with your local pharmacy for details. 

Check if you are now eligible for COVID-19 vaccination using the Australian Government Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Checker.

Access COVID-19 vaccines from community pharmacy resource here