Associate Professor Nicholas Wood MBBS, DCH, MPH, FRACP
Associate Director, Clinical Research and Services - Executive Management Team
Senior Staff Specialist
Staff Specialist/Clinical Lecturer 

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Dr Archana Koirala MBChB, DCH, MIPH, FRACP
Staff Specialist/Clinical Associate Lecturer

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Dr Ketaki Sharma
Staff specialist

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Dr Rama Kandasamy
Staff Specialist/Lecturer

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Dr Christine Tan - MBBS, DCH, FRACP

Christine is a paediatrician who joined NCIRS in 2021. She specialises in community child health medicine and has experience in general and developmental paediatrics. Christine has a special interest in reaching out to vulnerable populations to achieve health equity. 

Deidre Brogan RN, GradDipPublicHealth 
CNC Adverse events service

Deidre Brogan is a Clinical Nurse Consultant with post graduate qualifications in immunisation and paediatrics, and a graduate diploma in public health. She joined NCIRS in 2015 and her current role is working as Immunisation Clinical Nurse Consultant for NSW Immunisation Specialist Services, coordinating the specialist clinical services, providing expert clinical support and vaccine surveillance. She has a special interest in developing services for children who are difficult to vaccinate due to behavioural disorders or needle phobia. She has worked at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead for 27 years as Clinical Nurse Specialist in the area of liver/renal transplantation and the emergency department. She also has worked with the Northern Sydney Public Health School Immunisation Program.

Caitlin Uren BN, MPH 
Executive Assistant – Clinical and Research 

Caitlin joined NCIRS in 2021. She has a Bachelor of Nursing and a Master of Public Health with a focus in epidemiology. She has nearly 3 years’ experience working as a Research Ethics Officer in adult and paediatric research. 

Last updated October 2021