Jocelynne McRae CNC BN MHSc (Clin Data Mgmt) MPH
PAEDS CNC (Co-Manager)

Jocelynne McRae joined the PAEDS group in 2012 and as the national manager facilitated the growth of the PAEDS Network. Jocelynne holds a Master of Health Science in Clinical Data Management and a Master of Public Health from the University of Sydney. Her background includes infectious disease research, intensive care nursing and cytogenetics. Jocelynne is currently undertaking a PhD with a focus on maternal immunisation for prevention of serious influenza disease in neonates and young infants. She also holds a special interest in vaccine safety and infant health outcomes following illness from infectious diseases.

Laura Rost RN
Surveillance Nurse

Laura Rost is a registered nurse and has worked at The Children’s Hospital Westmead for the last 35 years. She specialized in neonatal intensive care until 2006 when she joined NCIRS as a clinical trials research nurse and study coordinator for vaccine preventable diseases.  Her current role is with the PAEDS  team as a surveillance nurse.  

Gemma Saravanos BBiomedSci (Hons), BN, RN
Surveillance Nurse

Gemma is a clinical nurse specialist with the Paediatric Active Enhanced Disease Surveillance (PAEDS) network and her role focuses on promoting quality clinical data collection for research and surveillance across the network. She is also an experienced immunisation provider and researcher with a strong interest in the prevention of infectious respiratory diseases. She holds qualifications in Nursing, Immunisation and Biomedical Science and is currently undertaking doctoral studies. Her research seeks to understand the burden and surveillance of severe acute respiratory infections such as respiratory syncytial virus.

Kathy Meredith
Surveillance Nurse   
Kahla Mellem
Administration Officer, PAEDS
Last updated February 2021